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Young Bape

Jet Set club

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Anyone here been? the chicks there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Also: LOL.



Police incidents at ‘Jet Set’ night club


March 2008: Valdemar Andrade,28, shot in the head after stepping in to defuse a fight outside of the club.

October 2010: Police hunt five men in connection with a violent attack on a 29-year-old man who was repeatedly hit over the head with a bottle.

June 2014: A suspect was arrested for punching a fellow party-goer three times after using large stone to damage the club door when security guards refused them entry.

August 2014: A suspect was arrested for assault and actual bodily harm after victim is left with a cut nose and swollen face following a fight close to the club.

November 2014: A suspect runs towards a police officer threatening violence and swearing.

January 2015: Suspect makes nazi salutes and shouts explicit racial slurs in view of the public.

March 2015: Client contacts police claiming to have been punched in the face in an unprovoked attack whilst smoking outside the club.

April 2015: Suspect is cautioned after waving chef knives around after being kicked out of club.

April 2015: Police called to affray and large disturbance with one suspect holding a baseball bat. Officers were assaulted and threatened.

April 2015: Two police officers injured in altercation with suspects, one of whom is in possession of a small knife. Men forcibly removed from premises after scuffles break out

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man said jet set you know. is this 2012?

place is full of somalians these days plus if you're not portuguese/brazilian them girls are not taking a second look at you

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