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15/16 Season Recap/Summertime Wishes

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Almost exactly a year from my last one, might aswell make it a recurring thing.


How do you feel about our season?


FA Cup winners and 5th are you happy with how it ended? 


Will we see [Ice]mechanical era[/Ice] season 3? Or do you expect new management? 


Who would you like to see come in or go out?



So again another season of mediocrity. One place behind last year in a season where I wasn't sure if our 4th place finish was due to us improving or if the league got shitter? 


I guess Leicester winning and Tottenham almost (lol) finishing second proves the latter. 


Performance wise we scored 13 less goals than last season where we scored practically no goals lolwtf. But the latter part of the season, and I'm talking the last couple weeks our football has looked better. Rashford being the brightest spark of the season. Martial too.


Praying our Dave decides to stay. He should go a find champs league football and a team challenging for everything but please God no. We woulda finished 10th.


Do we still need a striker? With Rashford and Martial we have two young hungry ballers that look to be the future. Midfield again still needs that quality injection and defence is laughable at times. No idea who we been linked with other than Zlatan after Bayern stole everyone else.


Lacklustre season again 16/17 or will we push on from here? What you guys think?


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Fam DDG is all I want this window.

Dont care much for signings happy just watching these youth grow. So bittersweet JM is here.

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