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Pre Euro 2016 Friendlies


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Sunday 22nd May 2016
Puerto Rico v USA    17:00
England v Turkey    17:15    

Tuesday 24th May 2016
Peru v T'dad & Tobago    02:30    

Wednesday 25th May 2016
Serbia v Cyprus    16:00
Romania v Congo DR    19:00    

Thursday 26th May 2016
USA v Ecuador    01:00
Azerbaijan v Andorra    17:00
USA v Ecuador    01:00    

Friday 27th May 2016

England v Australia    19:45

Slovakia v Georgia    16:30
Czech Rep v Malta    17:00
Croatia v Moldova    19:30
Northern Ireland v Belarus    19:45
R. of Ireland v Netherlands    19:45    

Saturday 28th May 2016
Uruguay v T'dad & Tobago    00:10
Argentina v Honduras    00:30
Chile v Jamaica    00:30
Switzerland v Belgium    15:15
Kosovo v Central African Republic    17:00    

Sunday 29th May 2016
Peru v El Salvador    01:00
USA v Bolivia    01:00
Armenia v Guatemala    03:30
Lithuania v Estonia    14:00
Macedonia v Azerbaijan    14:00
Albania v Qatar    16:30
Germany v Slovakia    16:45
Spain v Bos-Herze    17:00
Romania v Ukraine    18:30
Turkey v Montenegro    18:45
Italy v Scotland    19:45
Portugal v Norway    20:45
Colombia v Haiti    23:00
USA v Bolivia    01:00    

Monday 30th May 2016
Sweden v Slovenia    18:30
France v Cameroon    20:00    

Tuesday 31st May 2016
Serbia v Israel    18:00
Austria v Malta    19:30
R. of Ireland v Belarus    19:45  

Wednesday 1st June 2016
Estonia v Andorra    17:00
Luxembourg v Nigeria    17:00
Russia v Czech Rep    17:00
Latvia v Lithuania    17:30
Norway v Iceland    18:45
Belgium v Finland    19:45
Poland v Netherlands    19:45
Spain v South Korea    19:45    

Thursday 2nd June 2016
Mexico v Chile    03:00
Armenia v El Salvador    03:30
Macedonia v Iran    17:00
England v Portugal    19:45

Friday 3rd June 2016
Bos-Herze v Denmark    08:00
Japan v Bulgaria    11:40
Switzerland v Moldova    17:00
Azerbaijan v Canada    18:00
Kosovo v Faroe Islands    19:00
Romania v Georgia    19:00
Albania v Ukraine    19:30

Saturday 4th June 2016
Australia v Greece    11:00
Germany v Hungary    17:00
Slovakia v Northern Ireland    17:00
Estonia v Latvia    18:00
Croatia v San Marino    19:15
Austria v Netherlands    19:30
France v Scotland    20:00
Sunday 5th June 2016
Czech Rep v South Korea    14:10
Sweden v Wales    15:00
Belgium v Norway    17:00
Serbia v Russia    17:00
Slovenia v Turkey    19:15



England: Hart, Walker, Stones, Cahill, Rose, Dier, Wilshere, Alli, Sterling, Kane, Vardy. Subs:Forster, Bertrand, Henderson, Drinkwater, Barkley, Townsend, Delph, Heaton.

Turkey: Babacan, Gonul, Balta, Topal, Erkin, Ozyakup, Inan, Tufan, Sen, Calhanoglu, Tosun. Subs: Kivrak, Ozbayrakli, Yilmaz Calik, Potuk, Sahan, Tore, Koybasi, Malli, Erdinc, Tekdemir, Oztekin, Soyuncu, Mor, Tekin.

Referee: Deniz Aytekin (Germany)



german ref ?

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The cheque from english fa must have been fat turkish season aint even finished


offside goal


this will be 7/8

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Minus the goal i can see how all the england tournament games will go from the first 10 mins

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Get in 


joe hart lol


was coming 

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Andros to bag the winner to leave raheem at home 

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England bench is super dead 

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Vardy got sent off for doing that in the league

kane handing out justice

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Guy's done it about 5-6 times in 2 years

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If this was a tournament game england would get tucked in 



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Nothing in that England friendly. Can't judge the team until we play some decent opposition. 

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11 minutes ago, i5_PRODUCER said:

Whats Kyrchoviak saying ? Seen his name pop up a few times with United today.


GK4 is too much 


I don't know how OL allowed him to dip France in the first place 


I want him@Real 



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I would have fancied England to reach semis before the tournament.  Might not even make it out of groups if he tries to fit everyone in.

Kane is mocking England.  He can't even do that at Spurs and man is taking set pieces as well :rofl:

Rooney is coming straight in for Alli.  Vardy can't play football unless its to chase a long ball so LW was just a mess for him.  

That backline is very bad, Rose got MOTM?  him and Walker are very out of form, would leave both at home tbf.

Can see Roy dropping Kane and going with  Rooney behind Vardy.  They'll probably do well like that as well.  

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