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FIFA 17 (Official Thread)


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3 hours ago, macz said:

was tongue in cheek bro

we won all games before you came on and then draw as soon as you came in, was just a coincidence.

anyone about today

I hear you bro. 

Not on till Wednesday night now,  if you lot don't lose a game inbetween then I'm taking that as a hint and no coincidence lol

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7 hours ago, LS said:

Starting a VIP2 club

Can not have guys going crazy about another team that strung 3/4 passes together 


I'll delete them all. They're all shit. Done with randoms.  They all start out reasonable but soon as they get comfy it's all long shots and crosses. 

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17 minutes ago, Monday Bandele said:

after the steepest learning curve ive ever experienced in a football game, i can comfortably say im finally enjoying it

If the game allows you to be in control, i can look past the negatives.

Clean game like 13 & 15

Unbeaten in seasons, Div 6 so far.  Only 1 draw when both my CB's got injured in same game and all i had was bronze players on bench :rofl:  Rest wins

Qualified for FUT championships as well.

I'm actually back :Y:

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