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FIFA 17 (Official Thread)


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@Ephren Taylor You need to get involved bro! Your Be A Pro player should still be the same guy you had from the last FIFA. Don't need to go through it all again. Dunno why they dropped Gameface this year.

@PascalMoriarty Just let us know your PSN name when you got the game and PS4 and I'll send you a club invite.

@Mame Biram Diouf I'm about Rank 84-85 and probably played around 20-30 Pro Club games I think. System is a lot better than last season. Don't have to spend time trying to do tricks and score so many goals to level up. Just automatically keeps adding stats to your player every Pro game you play depending on how well you perform in the match.

We were absolute garbage last night. Don't know what happened to us, been playing far better than that the past few days. Could be the Kit Change that's done us? Superstition lol.

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True it is a bit too easy to rank up but that last system was a ballache. Should be a certain score you have to hit to get your ratings moving up. Maybe a 8 per game, and make your stats decrease when you reach a lower score.

Regarding the lag issue as well. I do think it's kinda slow to distribute a pass. Too many times I've got caught out trying to unleash the ball. Unless you bang a first time pass there is a slight delay on offloading it. Especially when you're trying to put a bit of power on it and send it across field.

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25 minutes ago, Zizouz said:

clubs is broken, pretty soon erbody gonna have a 95 rated pro

will be a complete shit show or 6'5 speed demons banging in header after header

You hacked your pro thats why



Guys just hack your pro and you're set 

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on the main menu if you go to 

> Customise

> Profile

> Delete

> Online Pro 1

Bam! Pro gone. Go to clubs and recreate your pro. Your points will all still be there and available to upgrade back to where you were progress wise. Go into a dropin match as captain, press start and check your pro, They will have all the traits :lol: 

I gotta warn you I did this 4 days ago now and I dunno if it has been patched, nor do I know if it works on PS4. 

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