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FIFA 17 (Official Thread)


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imo a story is not needed in a sports game


I just want a sick career mode

focus on that FFS


again they waste there time with some gimmicky BS

last yr womens teams now some story shit


don't give a fuck about alex hunter

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19 minutes ago, LS said:

& when you try play UT, you will want to dash your pad against the wall.


Heard big things for pro clubs though :) 

please no

I've been clean for months

when it hits 3am and I'm asking everyone for one more game which we inevitably lose <<<<<<<

hope they cancelled clubs, that's more addictive than gambling

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3 hours ago, The Somalian said:

lol at the fan boys negging me this is the 4th Fifa game on a next gen console for you to only have the option to control 1 player at one club is pathetic when you look at what 2k sports have been doing year in year out for years now.


Errrr you could do this on all of the last fifa games 

This is the 1st time there doin a story mode 


2k's1st story more was last yr still 




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Pro Clubs looks better at least. Customized Kits and Badges for your team now? Like that they have changed your player development to what rating you get in games now as well. They should of made it so your rating gets deducted as well for shit performances. Stop all them guys who end up playing defense trying to be Strikers constantly.

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On ‎15‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 2:33 PM, Tee said:

anyone got the beta ?


here it running now


I got no invite this yr

I got an email about it a while back, but I don't think ive received an actual invite :(

would probably take 10years to download anyway, SSE traffic shape net traffic haaaaaaaaaard!!

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