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At least 10 people have been injured, and one man is in a critical condition, after clashes broke out between hundreds of Russian and English fans in Marseille, ahead of their teams' Euro 2016 opening game.

The head of the All-Russian Fans' Union, Alexander Sprygin, told Reuters that English fans were "drinking a lot and behaving badly" prior to the outbreak of violence outside the Queen Victoria pub in the Old Port area of the city.

Conversely, multiple English supporters claimed that they were attacked by Russian fans, some of whom had posted pictures of England's St. George flags which had been won in the ‘battle’.

Local television channel BFMTV claimed that in one clash, in a backstreet near the pub, 200 fans from one side, were confronted by 300 from the other.

Eyewitnesses indicated that French youths, who had been involved in clashes with English fans in the same location during the previous two evenings joined the fray.

Rival fans threw bottles and chairs at each other, as small groups of fans bull rushed and encircled their opponents during a series of disorganized melees.

Social media has been flooded with photos of blood-covered and topless men, with shirts discarded or torn off.

"It's not everybody but there are a lot of people involved,'' Gary Toal, an England supporter told Reuters. "It is a bit of a mob mentality and it's not nice to see so we are trying to keep away from all that and enjoy the football.''

Local news outlets reported at least ten casualties, with one England supporter in critical condition after suffering a suspected heart attack, following a violent encounter.

Six people have been arrested and are expected to face a court hearing early next week.

Police used tear gas and water cannon to put an end to the violence, with hours still to go until the start of the match.

Some English fans accused the police of stoking tension by releasing tear gas canisters near fans, who were singing, but not initially violent.


“There has been tear gas thrown by police and fans throwing bottles at the police. The England fans we spoke to said the police have overreacted, although some fans have admitted that other England fans were throwing bottles at police and provoking them,”said RT correspondent Eisa Ali.


English fans wernt ready for the Russians, 2 days of beefing french teenagers dont prepare you for soldiers on leave.

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57 minutes ago, Mame Biram Diouf said:

Uefa threatening DQ for England and Russia if there's further violence 

At nearly every incident, French have been reported to have ambushed football fans. There was an incident in Nice last night. Northern Ireland and Poland fans mixing well, and a load of French attacked them both.

Surely France should be 'warned' also.

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but you can't threaten to disqualify the host nation :lol: especially when the head of UEFA is a French national treature

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1 minute ago, Mame Biram Diouf said:

Gonna be long for the travelling aff supporters in 2018 

they'll get the blame for any issues like the affs that travelled to Mecca

easy target

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31 minutes ago, Afgoon said:

putin has them man in cryo stasis in a government facility

gna be thawing them out like stallone in demolition man on the eve of 2015

murder death kill all over the gaff




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Picked man up to knock him down ?

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jesus christ man


theres something uncomfortable about watching fights



im not a fighter ill hold my hands up... i dont even like confrontations on the street... i dunno how to act to that... but i know inshallah if anything was to come to my door regarding my family or anything close i will react accordingly...


but ...... jeeez

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