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Christian sex gangs

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A gang has been convicted for sexually abusing a group of children as regularly as 'doing the washing up' for 20 years.

Four men from Bristol and Taunton face jail after committing 'squalid' sexual abuse on the youngsters which became as normal as the doing household chores.

They preyed on seven girls and two boys in offences spanning from the late 1970s to the late 1990s.

Logan Morris, 71, Joseph Foster, 74, Martin Belgium, 55, and Stephen Amos, 62, were all convicted after a six week trial in which the jury returned 27 guilty verdicts.

The court heard the four friends groomed the children when they were aged under 16 - some as young as five - and either touched them improperly or raped them.

One girl told police: 'It seemed like a regular thing because it was just like washing up really.

'It wasn't something that was lovely and it wasn't something that you wanted to do but it was just one of those kind of things that happened.'

David Scutt, prosecuting, told the jury: 'At first sight the scale and subject matter of this case must seem rather daunting.

'Ultimately this squalid case is about four men sexually abusing boys and girls.

'It became a way of life. They abused children together. They abused them apart.

'They got away with it for many years.'

Mr Scutt said much of the abuse went unreported at the time and though the abuse was obvious and in the open it was allowed to continue.

Many of the complainants didn't fully understand they had been groomed or abused and went along with it to get 'fags, sweets and money'.

One complainant said: 'It was a public thing, so it must have been acceptable to everybody. I just assumed that everybody knew.. the way it was done, it was so public.'

Belgium is accused of giving one girl 'secret privileged tutorials', which she went along with as she felt she was being educated.

When one complainant was interviewed by police in 1986 her mother accompanied her and reacted by moving her chair away, saying: 'I can't believe you, you dirty slag'.

Morris, of Hartcliffe, Bristol, was charged with six indecent assaults, three attempted rapes and indecency with a child.

Foster, of Southmead, Bristol, was charged with two indecent assaults, one attempted rape, three charges of indecency with a child and two rapes.

Belgium, of Knowle, Bristol, was charged with two indecent assaults and three attempted rapes.

Amos, of Taunton, was charged with two indecent assaults, one sexual assault, one indecency with a child, four rapes, indecency with a child and attempted rape.

An NSPCC spokesperson said: 'These men's appalling attacks on their vulnerable victims over several decades were predatory in their nature, and clearly had a huge impact on these youngsters throughout their childhood and into their adult lives.

'The victims should be praised for their bravery in speaking out and it is thanks to them that these men have been brought to justice for the unspeakable suffering they caused.

'It is absolutely right that victims of child sexual abuse can seek justice and support no matter how much time has passed since their ordeal.

'We need to ensure that people who have been abused feel confident to come forward, safe in the knowledge that they will be believed and their voices heard.'

The men were bailed pending sentence on September 8. 


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thought this would be about the Catholic Church

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48 minutes ago, Iceberg said:

some as young as 5.... ffs


where's gambino ?

Taking into account I agree with Mames statement whilst your homies on here defend Asian Grooming Gangs. Taking into account I'm not Christian.... Explain why you are asking where I am besides begging my attention?

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2 hours ago, Yoshie said:

Kill them.

But, Ice really using stories like this to point-score :/


Top click bait merchant.

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it is wrong not going to lie but there slags true meaning of the word right there 

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Looking back i could have never gone round some mans yard for sweets or fags,,,where were their parents cus i was left to roam street from early 


by my parent generation were like 12 living in one yard husband off down the pub no sex education no computer games kids were wild

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