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Becky Adenuga


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18 hours ago, QPR Dee said:

never understand how people can have an issue with other peoples relationships

pathetically insecure

People got way too much time on their hands to worry about others this way.

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1 minute ago, dayomesaydayo said:


I do.

With self hating blacks.


Fam, I didn’t know the self hate was so strong on here. I knew there were a few bounties that posted on here, but damn, guys are actually ripping out their capes from the closet to defend this coon and his troll. 

The same ones saying “love has no colour” and “live and let live” will be quick to cry “racism.” I just don’t understand how anyone black can be so mentally weak.

The bitch is busted so of course people will clown. If she was black and busted, the responses would be completely different. 

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