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Maybe shes just a decent girl who's down to earth that he fell in love with? Maybe shes a great soul mate that supports him through everything and is understandable? Maybe shes going to be a

Let’s stop pretending with this Kumbaya shit. Why do people not want to be honest with our situation as black people? All this love has no colour is such bullshit to justify coonery. Collectively

More to it IMO   I have no idea so I am about to speculate    She is probably  a childless bitter black bitch and saw him with a white women, she didn't say nothing probably made e

On 05/06/2018 at 12:46 PM, Toney Barton said:


You can speculate but the above wasn't necessary.

Maybe but it gets the people rattled it is all in part of the speculation why wasn't she with her man or her friends or at home looking after children . I don't  condone what that jungle bunny said for a second it was vile. But the story don't make sense. I could of come in calling him Sambo and all that fly nigger shit stroking my c*ck because it made feel morally superior, but sometimes the ship needs to be shaken. 

No surprise he came out with this though black people staying in this country is poison to them mentally we even have black people in this country lying to themselves, calling themselves these made up term's like black british so it's no surprise he has come out with Garbage like this.

Shame on his bimbo a blatant mudshark

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Just for a bit of balance.

White woman kills her Black husband because he beat the family cat




White Mother Arrested For Killing Her Black Husband While Their Children Were At Home




White woman found guilty of manslaughter in connection with the stabbing death of her boyfriend




Woman, 31, 'killed her live-in boyfriend with her mom's help and kept his body in a bin on their porch for months before dumping it in the woods




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