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"Nah b, I'm good you know... :)"


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Opposite of the fire in your loins thread. 

Sometimes denying that advance from a girl (decent one) is better than swimming in her, gard ultimate gas fluid when you see the reaction.

Break her spirit and restore the feeling. 

How many of you have shut it down and what happened afterwards?

Or is it a beggars can't be choosers thing?


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You is always a pronoun

I don't do it in person, but when they ask over the phone/WhatsApp, yeah. 

Girl tried telling me I should skip a gym sesh for vaj?  

Or if I've already beat a few times i do it for the reason in the op but rarely a new beat

But it's important they learn that i can and will say no

Beating nex ting beforehand helps

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I do this a lot(it's a ego thing) 

I remember when I used this a lot to women who are already in relationships(I am not that person anymore).



It has backfired two times tho you catch them looking like a 7 so you air them then the next time you see them they have jumped from 7 to 9 and they start to act brand new and they tell you "nah b I good you know"

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3 hours ago, Heero Yuy said:

pmsl was in a similar situation to frank when I was younger. This fire ting from Brum I was trying to beat kept dodging me, eventually it just died out and we stopped taking. Fast a month or two later, one Saturday night she calls me about 9:30pm saying she’s in London for work, hotel all to herself. I’m just jamming with my boy at the time, we’re laughing and joking

“she really thinks I’m going all the way to London to beat, after all those times she aired me out”


 We’re literally creasing about the situation

Fast forward to about 12:30 and I’m pulling up in central like








It was the GOAT beat :ph34r:






weve all been there ffs 

i remeber 12am one ting she went bucks uni 

i was at my mums house catching zzzz's 

she called me said she was horny and she wants me now 

did i not jump into the whip and was flying down the m4 around 12.37

ffs why we like this 

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