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Modern Warfare Remastered

Barney Stinson

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Tellin ya. Can't keep up at all with it, hope I improve. Soon as I spawn am getting smoked. 

It's not really changed though, still making the same mistakes I did in 07, still seeing guys do the same shit lol. I got killed by one guy who was lay on the floor on Downpoor just waiting to pick guys off and I was like you fucking camper, up comes the reply and I hear Shiest "Fucking Camper" :rofl:

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12 hours ago, Gambino said:

Getting absolutely battered on this lol. Feels fast as fuck.

It is

Seems like there's input delay as well.  Needs to get patched.

I was a mess when i first started but after you get used to it.  Purest game, no sliding, no jet packs & no silly perks

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6 minutes ago, Trap God said:

This one cunt kept sniping me so I switched class

Hit him TWICE with the bolt action joint

Needless to say he didn't die and killed me with one shot ?


My boy was going nuts about this.  Takes 3/4 shots to kill everyone but it only takes 1 shot for him to die

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The levels of camping on MW are some next level. Was never this bad back in the day, got guys laying down in one spot through the whole fucking match until they get killed and find a new place to lay.

Tried Infinite Warfare before as well. Too much going on with that game.... way too much.

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