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Modern Warfare Remastered

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About time they got rid of all that boosting off walls and shit

Nice, more of the old maps dropping.  

Well...... According to them they will not be selling it at all as a standalone. You have to buy it as part of the package. But they will say that won't they, then a few months down the line they will

Been playing MW hardcore search & destroy with some friends past few days. Must say it really feels like old times when ur with a group of 6 man just competing to be on top, and the banter when someone accidentally gets shot by a teammate. Where the fuck are u mans? This game hasnt changed since '07 




remaining 6 maps (bloc, broadcast, wet work etc. will be gettin released in December) 

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Most I've been on with is 3 others, Me, Lagy, Rez and Reams. It's actually mad how little there was to and how simple COD4 is. I was trying to find where I could customize my Kill Streaks for what I could call in, forgot it's only UAV, Airstrike and Chopper. Hardly any weapons or mods for them as well .

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