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Modern Warfare Remastered

Barney Stinson

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Been playing MW hardcore search & destroy with some friends past few days. Must say it really feels like old times when ur with a group of 6 man just competing to be on top, and the banter when someone accidentally gets shot by a teammate. Where the fuck are u mans? This game hasnt changed since '07 




remaining 6 maps (bloc, broadcast, wet work etc. will be gettin released in December) 

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Most I've been on with is 3 others, Me, Lagy, Rez and Reams. It's actually mad how little there was to and how simple COD4 is. I was trying to find where I could customize my Kill Streaks for what I could call in, forgot it's only UAV, Airstrike and Chopper. Hardly any weapons or mods for them as well .

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