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Red Dead Redemption 2

Creed Diskenth

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3 hours ago, time_bomb said:

Any sites delivering on 26th?

Most are aiming delivery for 26th with shipping going out tomorrow... Rockstar have been super tight with stock control on this game, most developers deliver the game to indies normally on a Tuesday so they can ship in time for Friday but the indies then normally sell it from store on a Tuesday and ship to customers on Wednesday and that's how people get games early, but I spoke with a few indies and they aren't getting the game until tomorrow!

This doesn't apply to Game or Amazon, they stick to the dates.

Also normally by now the storyline has been leaked but literally no one has the game unless you have a plug at Rockstar and any footage has been removed from YouTube within minutes...only one I saw was a 20sec clip!

Rockstar got the game on lock!

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