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The Nintendo Switch


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Zelda and Mario Kart are the ones I've spent most of my time on I've said it before but Zelda is easily in the top 3 best games I've ever played and trust me I've played a hell of a lot.

Mario Odyssey wasn't anything special compared to past Mario games.

Run down of games I've got.

NBA playgrounds - Decent basically an up to date NBA jam and cheap but digital only 

Splatoon 2 - Just started playing seems alrite but the controls are hard to get use to. 

Armz - Don't bother 

Pokken - Tekken with Pokemon OK but got bored quick. 

LA Noire - Classic 

Fire Emblem Warriors - Again OK but got bored quickly 

As long as you got Zelda and Mario Kart you're good... you ain't going to complete everything on Zelda anytime soon150-200 hours maybe more plus the DLC pack, I'm on 50 and only done two devine beasts and probably 30% of shrines.

SW-1268-2459-5985 if anyone fancies some Mario Kart 


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On 05/03/2018 at 3:29 PM, Thizz said:

I've literally got Mario Kart & Zelda.


Is Super Mario any good? Was playing it at my cousins and wasn't overly impressed.

i played it for a little bit before zelda come, it was ok havent touched it since


that switch direct vid that came out other day wasnt all that tbh

looking forward to donkey kong an smash bros

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