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President Donald Trump Thread


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4 hours ago, Drift said:

We need that reality show/doc... Fuck a film, nobody would be able to successfully replicate this guy.

Pmsl. Why is that other guy so snidy with his comments

These next two years is gonna be amazing. 

That other guy just shat on two states??. Are they that irrelevant?

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A bill seeking to reform the criminal justice system cleared the Senate Tuesday night, in a legislative victory for both progressive advocates and law-and-order conservatives.

The First Step Act, which passed 87-12, attracted support from both sides of the aisle, as well as from public figures such as Patricia Arquette, Mark Cuban, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. Donald Trumpsupported the iteration of the bill that passed in the House in May, and the most current version that will need to return to the House for another vote before it reaches his desk for a signature.

“America is the greatest Country in the world and my job is to fight for ALL citizens, even those who have made mistakes,” Trump tweeted. “Congratulations to the Senate on the bi-partisan passing of a historic Criminal Justice Reform Bill.”

The president continued: “…This will keep our communities safer, and provide hope and a second chance, to those who earn it. In addition to everything else, billions of dollars will be saved. I look forward to signing this into law!”

The act would reduce mandatory minimum sentences for a number of drug-related crimes, allow judges to circumvent federal mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders when they see fit, expand rehabilitative opportunities for federal prisoners, and ban some correctional practices criticized as inhumane, such as the shackling of pregnant women. The act would give elderly and terminally ill inmates a path home and invest tens of millions in re-entry programming.

The act would end so-called “three strikes” mandatory life sentences for defendants facing a third drug conviction, except for those with a prior “serious violent felony”. The “stacking” regulations that make it illegal to posses a firearm while committing a crime, even if the firearm is not used, would also no longer come into play.


The bill would also retroactively extend the 2010 Fair Sentencing Act, a move that could affect thousands of drug offenders serving disproportionately long sentences for crack cocaine versus the powder variant. As many as 4,000 people currently serving long sentences could be eligible for release, according to some advocates.


Read more

Jessica Jackson Sloan, the national director for #cut5o, a criminal justice reform advocacy group, applauded the Republican judiciary committee chairman, Chuck Grassley, and d*ck Durbin, the Senate Democratic whip, for “leading their respective parties to consensus on one of the most important challenges our country faces – unwinding the catastrophic harm of the incarceration industry.”

“Tonight, we stand as neither Republican or Democrats but as people seeking to take the first step of many to criminal justice reform,” she said.

Grassley tweeted of the “big bipartisan victory”, stating that: “Historic criminal justice reform happens once in a generation[.]”

The ACLU, which initially opposed the House version of the legislation, tweetedthat the First Step Act was “by no means perfect – but we’re in the midst of a mass incarceration crisis and the time to act is now. We’re glad to see common sense prevail in the Senate voting to move this bill closer to the finish line.”



Good trump


Bad trump


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7 hours ago, Grafter said:


Im sceptical in some ways because of the prison industry. These laws have helped to keep that entire industry alive, they got entire towns with economies entirely dependent on the local prison. 

Whats the catch here


I don’t think the changes are big enough to  shake the industry. According to vox the changes are moddest 




Known as the First Step Act, will take modest steps to alter the federal criminal justice system and ease very punitive prison sentences at the federal level. It would affect only the federal system — which, with about 181,000 imprisoned people, holds a small but significant fraction of the US jail and prison population of 2.1 million.


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As a non american 

Trump > 

defo the best president for me so far in my lifetime 

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