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Bucket List: 2016 & 2017

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went to two cities I've never been before, enjoyed them both (dubai & new york)

go to a UFC event in the states

start up Muay Thai training

go in harder at the gym


travel more

buy my first yard (fingers crossed)

step up my training and get in at least one fight

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I dont really do bucketlists but did some madness in 2016 which I'll remember for life. -

This December alone I threw parties and played in both Dubai and Tokyo.

Got a show DJing on national radio 

Booked some legends for raves this year, and actually had the opportunity to chat to most of them on a level/network and build relationships

Got a raise and basically tailor my job to my interests, plenty more things happened as well.

Just praying for more of the same in 2017, but defo need to lose weight, manage my finances and health incl mental wellbeing a lot better.

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