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Break ups


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Bait on instgram and lets you cheat on her and you're begging her back? 

Not to kick you when you're down but you're seriously wasted. 

As someone else said has she been dubai to experience having an old hairy Arab shit in her mouth for 10k? 

Sure she told you its "work purposes" 


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14 hours ago, JOHN DOE said:

Not an insta girl - bait because of what she's sells on insta  and most of her income comes from black girls especially London ones


and obv she doesn't let me cheat on her you fat fool


she dont let you cheat on her but you cheat, she finds out and takes you back? lol are you retarded?

listen your girl is wasted and the fact you respect some basic bitch who allows you to cheat tells a lt about you.

regardless of how you see yourself unless you are a washed up crackhead you deserve better than a instgram girl who gets shit on

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10 hours ago, JOHN DOE said:

Click bait for the site that you have amassed over 40k worth of posts 

how many times are you going to be locked up

how many times are you going to release shit rap songs

how many times are you going to lease the White x6

End of the day u can try spin my life to something it isn't but your life is ACTUALLY a nonsense right now.


Especially when Jermaine chatting to ur Mrs post beat she's making him some jelof or whatever right NOW "ye imagine my ex begged his mum to beg me to give him a 3rd chance" 


And ur here picking arguments....madtingsad

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