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The Video Thread part 2


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4 hours ago, ag. said:

Is codeine addiction long established in Nigeria or is this another great way black Americans have culturally enriched the black populace worldwide?? Just wondering

opiate abuse aint new anywhere tbf mate

cant blame fewtch for this one

happens everywhere

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lol @ any of that shit bein caused by codeine

what a shit documentary

motherfuckers bein chained to trees, branded cough syrup addicts and used for some weak bbc propaganda when clearly they're mentally deranged

a 16 yr old girl chained up for 2 months cos of codeine


disclaimer - i am not a current opiate user

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I fw with YS music a lot but look how he's acting like an immature prat in this video. All the men on the panel in different ways are probs why the young black bruddas in London are so lost. From the overgrown man child who talks and reasons like a petulant 19 year old, the ranting yardie who speaks as much sense as a mental retard, the elder figure chatting a load of conspiracy cobblers (even tho he does drop some good points here and there)... a long convo going round in circles and they're all saying fuck all. when will it end...

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