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The Video Thread part 2

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My weekend was shit too

I got through it.

There are people that come around and give them STD tests and such and pray with them, but alas these are the people that fall inbetween the cracks in society. The women have no other way of supporting their habit besides using their bodies which are gradually been worn down and tore up, its sad. Drugs is bad

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6 hours ago, dub said:

apparently Lee Daniels is the reason why Mo'nique is blackballed in the industry too

This is true, but quite separate from this matter. She kind of whiteballed herself.  I wouldnt see her playing a better role than Taraji in empire

Dame was right to do that, and that's just crazy that a man can owe that kind of money and not return the favour hes just wrong, 

why was he wearing a fucking blanket tho


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On 6/27/2018 at 5:40 AM, Seydou said:

Full video

This piss me off every time. 

2 mill since Precious was made and even taken to court. 

reminds of certain guys in the ends and why they get fucked up

ok i am talking grands not mills but it's the same fuckery attitude

you can't be doing good or seen to be doing good & stunting while you in debt to others are you made lol

big up dame for just talking

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