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My trusty phone what I have had longer than any other phone died on me this weekend. Brought a new phone and my sim was wrong size got stuck in the new phone so now need to take the phone apart to get my sim back. Waiting on a courier delivery  this week been waiting 3 months and this is the week shit fucks up. Keep positive though just first world problems  but needed to vent

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I'm doing bad mind tbh I need help tbh 

My bro is ill in the head 

Mental health I use him to but I can't help it he's been living with me a few years now I make him do everything to clean my room go shop everything 

I beat him up Wen i haven't got a smoke

Wen he's threatening to kill himself I get a knives for him to do it

Things need to change I am evil 

I can't tell anyone but neveither does he 

Tbh Wen I'm in a good mood I buy him shit to say sorry but I end up smashing it up in the end 


What is wrong with me 


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This older nigerian man keeps repeating his story about how some Jamaican woman accosted him years ago. As a part of what he knows about Jamaicans.

First time he tells it to me an a nex guy. Second time i hear him whispering the exact same story to the same guy he told it to before.

Its really coloured his view of an entire country an diaspora. He found it difficult to reconcile my heritage being 100% Jamaican

An he randomly starts sayin wagwan and other stock phrases


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36 minutes ago, Haze-e said:

Whats the story? (In Balamory)

He was a parkin attendant once an there was no more spots an the woman ran over his foot an started bc-ing up the place

He didn't do or say anything

When he told me. I jus said well she is a mad woman then because that's not normal behaviour. For him tho its  his "jamaican people" story

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The other night i accidentally clicked the wrong button on linked in and sent invites to god knows how many people an God knows who. I always click skip but something happened an my finger pressed the wrong thing

First person to accept is my ex and im his only conncection


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