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Im tryin not to be mad but yesterday i found a massive crack down the screen of my touch screen laptop

Ive had it, sometimes things are on top of it sometimes it's in my bag. Always been fine

I came home the other day an some of my things had been moved. My mum was takin the heater...

Laptop used to have a small dome shape when closed, thats gone now

Been using it everyday intensely so I would have noticed this crack before

Really upset

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So ignoring the last effeminate post

lets discuss females 

so the currently unwhipped birds of the U.K. are severely tortured huh, n the rest are torturing their fellas 

so much pain over so much nothing

no doubt the males are also equally internally pained 

what a time to not be a faggot

Im beginning to almost understand the feeling for the need for the race to a loveless marriage thing

Easy pickings 

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19 hours ago, time_bomb said:

Had a live interview on bbc world news this week, was a fun experience, want to do more.

Well done man will try to find it✊



I proper gassed this girl into havin leavin drinks this week cos im a gas artis

Now I don't wanna go

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