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7 hours ago, Realone2016 said:

Must be British born, girls straight from nigeria are always friendly af from my experience.

Give them a few years and they get brand new lol? 

In computer shop other day there's a af girl fresh off di boat and she's an easy 10/10 no make up or weave and she was humble. Some of these British ones have weave on 24/7 and still think they're too nice for them self 

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You can’t keep saying that to people mate 

Defo can’t punctuate it with those emojis

ag could we have a conversation our kid 

maybe an interview fred 

ill pay you 20 quid for every honest answer  or somethin

maybe we can do a gofundme n you could be laughing

lets elevate our forum users 

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1 hour ago, QPR Dee said:

slyly miss this.

used to reach one in walthamstow back in like '03 to just go on MSN and play flash games on miniclip

I miss our local

Now clapham ain got one

Always would use them to print an buy my earphones

Cos they apparently didn't pay their rent a whole community has to suffer

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56 minutes ago, Badman said:

eeesh extra ratings if you could have finessed those 2 days off as well

I certainly could have but im sellin 3 back days (nicely in my holiday kitty) so just left it as it is

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