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19 minutes ago, Supermalt said:

Big time badmind, Ive learnt and never again. Cant be hearing "yeah but you said that last week, month or year" when it aint from a good place.

Only you, God and whoever has something to lose with you should know.


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Divan with mattress

Reviews are saying all sorts. From missed deliveries to smelly old mattress to charging for delivery of correct item and rude customer service.

Some reviews have been positive but from 3 pages on trust pilot multiple company names) it has 2/5

I did it on PayPal and with my credit card so shouldn't be too much hassle if I need to get a refund

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The bed was fine

Delivered when they said. Defo not a £700 bed so is probably worth what I actually paid. Poorly upholstered but u can only tell by looking at the staples on the base. Mattress is fine. Everything fine. Best decision I've made in a long time. Sleep is everything

I should leave a review...reduce someone elses panic...

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