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Real housewives


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my and my ex use to actually talk about this show. 


the blonde one who turned lesbian from atlanta actually blocked my ex because of the messages she was leaving her on her instagram.  I remember having to listen to that bullshit convo with her being angry about being blocked

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18 hours ago, JOHN DOE said:

I don't think she is but she definitely messed the guy up

shes an evil and broken woman. I don't like her

but she powerful with the bars

thats why I love this show they go hard with the pars

did you catch peters venom at Phaedra et al


Nah Peter loves to talk smack tho

I dislike kenya an.i think most of her bars she shouldn't say given everyone else on the show has everything she wants. Doesnt matter how many put downs she gives out she still gna hate herself.

Dnt think she messed her young man up. Think probably hes his own type of crazy

Reunion part 1 was a bit dead


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Ex tried to get me on Potomac but I didn't feel 

prob was the light skin factor 

atl is one of the few shows on to that depict black people witn WEALTH

from the doctors to the lawyers to the businessmen


gurrrrrrl did you see today's ep

faaaaaak Phaedra is something else 

she definitely wanted to destroy kandi 

I like Phaedra but she's definitely a shady and dishonest person.  I don't fuck with her 

she definitely knew about apollos fraud game 

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Where are u cos itvbe is on the reunion shows

I agree she wanted to eff with kandi. Phaedra is tooo fake and its bait she called the feds on them an cynthia

I like phaedra a bit too but shes completely untrustworthy an theres something incomplete about her hair always.

Agree she was in on it with apollo. Ger fingers are in alllll the pies 

Potomac is still early days but my fav was the basketball players wife

I too like the shows because of the wealth but i also the rest from a female perspective cos some of them are self made an we get to see how they work to be in the position they are in and sometimes how they started. I like seeim the graft

How much of a bitch was porsha when she found out her sister was pregnant. An on the reunion show she said she only met the baby yesterday as if she didn't go an see them immediately after the baby was born. I actually think her bitterness is approaching kenya levels if shes not careful. All that wildness with Duke very kenyaesk

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