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Manchester Arena Explosion

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Maybe mistook for black skin

no thread is safe from this nonsense huh?    Never get why people don't argue about off topic things privately.

Blacks smh need to stop following their oppressors religions and gods. We were in the Arab and Caucasian slave trades for over 1000 years. We have ended up adopting these peoples religion and it has g

11 minutes ago, ag. said:

Its defo a wrap for Corbyn now. Can see them some twisting it and using this as another stick to beat him with.

imagine you got blew up with shrapnel piercing through your body until you ceased to be

i reckon there'd be 3 people at your funeral tops

corbyn wouldnt be one either

give it a whirl mate

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3 minutes ago, ag. said:

Give it a rest you mug 

who's a mug over here exactly

u musta finished uni now my boy

what illustrious field are you working in these days btw

no more pikey hand me down creps for you now i imagine

whats good

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