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Manchester Arena Explosion

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Maybe mistook for black skin

no thread is safe from this nonsense huh?    Never get why people don't argue about off topic things privately.

Blacks smh need to stop following their oppressors religions and gods. We were in the Arab and Caucasian slave trades for over 1000 years. We have ended up adopting these peoples religion and it has g

14 minutes ago, QPR Dee said:

when you think about the amount of work they need to do to do catch people before they do something its pretty much a miracle we dont have regular incidents.


 It's mad, think of all the people they know are a potential threat against how many of them they can actually follow.

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47 minutes ago, Thizz said:

Read this thread. 

this is why i dont like following live breaking news events. i heard about it and just stopped following the news after i informed a few people and went to sleep but pretty much every major news site has a live self updating breaking news page. would be so much easier if we could let people do their job and tell us what they know when theyd have enough time to assess, but nope, our constant need for every single bit of information instantly just fuels this

and its not just them, twitter and facebook and even reddit are just swarmed with private investigators and arm chair GCHQ operatives trying to be the one to break the killer story.


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1 hour ago, Gambino said:

Might want to make a seperate thread of this? ISIS Linked group are battling it out in a City in the Philipines? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/philippines-isis-gunmen-soldiers-army-marawi-city-street-battle-terrorist-jihadi-a7751406.html



Sawa few people claiming these militants are not really linked to ISIS but want to be. Twitter seems to have given them their wish

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Watching this woman who helped loads of children

What a beautiful spirit

This unnecessary loss of life is unspeakable 


This other guy who got out his bed to ferry people back to liverpool for 5 hours

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33 minutes ago, Admin. said:

Isis are sieged in 2 cities 

how can they be in the Philippines  

Wonder it duterte killin all thiss drug dealers inadvertently left a vacuum for these guys to start pushin their chests out

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