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Arsenal 2017/18

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On 01/02/2018 at 12:47 PM, kerser said:



3 goals minimum a game from now till end of season 

Jesus Christ. State of this team.

Fucking AIDS. There's not one defensive minded player in that whole 11. Our top scorers are now Lacazette and Monreal FFS.

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2 hours ago, Heero Yuy said:

Beg we give Reis and them man the league now, and just go all out for Europa.


Iwobi is so shit its unreal. Guys still out here caping for him.He should have been loaned out to a championship team. I am all for Reiss nelson taking his spot. At least he can actually beat a man and finish 

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Rah so shit you know, fellow Nige as well

The juries out for me tbh

There has to be a reason why that Dinosaur persists with the kid

But then again he persisted with the likes of Denilson, Sonogo, Chamakh and them man so boy....

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Who was the last player to improve under the old man?

The same will only happen to Nelson.

I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until he fucks off.

With all the money spent and improvements we've made to the non-coaching side of the staff, there's a brilliant case for sacking him.

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My issue with Iwobi is he plays well for Nigeria. He's a decent player. He came in a year or so back and done okay yet when things go wrong or a player has a bad patch we lynch them. He's an academy player. How are people gonna treat Reiss Nelson when he has a bad patch? Loaning him out or benching him is exactly what's happening with Lacazette and how's that working out...?

Balance. Can't play Wilshere/Ramsey in his place. And as someone said above, I blame our manager for how players are now performing. When he's gone we will soon see.

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I don't understand the Iwobi ting either.

Maybe because he is Jay Jay nephew?

I'm happy Wenger is giving a real homegrown chances though, cos he didn't with so many others.

Imo Arsenal should be able to do a 1-11 from the academy like Barca, the amount of talent come through your doors.


I like Lacazette not gona lie.

This subbing business and stuff don't work for Alpha guys though.

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I guarantee he's got his reasons. The fact she's selling her story say's it all.




 The f

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Arsenal 2017/18: The ridiculous statistics

Date published: Sunday 4th March 2018 3:55

Arsenal lost to Brighton on Sunday. We could tell you again how they are an ordinary team with extraordinary problems, but where is the fun in that?

Instead, let’s reel off some ridiculous statistics from what is becoming quite the disastrous season for the Gunners.


* Arsenal can officially no longer win the Premier League title. It is March 4.

* Arsenal have lost ten Premier League games this season. They have only ever lost more than ten in a full campaign under Arsene Wenger once (11 defeats, 2005/06).

* Arsenal have lost eight away Premier League games this season. Only West Ham, Huddersfield, Stoke, Everton and West Brom have lost more.

* Arsenal are 15th in a Premier League form table since January 1. Only Burnley (6), Huddersfield (6) and West Brom (4) have picked up fewer points (7).

* Arsenal have now lost five of their last six games in all competitions. By comparison, Manchester City have lost five of their last 53, and Liverpool have lost five of their last 36.

* Arsenal have lost eight games in all competitions in 2018 – the most of any Premier League side.

* Arsenal have lost four consecutive games for the first time since October 2002.

* Henrikh Mkhitaryan has lost four Premier League games in two months at Arsenal. He lost five in 18 months at Manchester United.

* Arsenal have 45 points after 29 games – the fewest they have ever had at this stage under Arsene Wenger, and the fewest overall since 1994/95.

* Arsenal are closer to bottom-placed West Brom (25 points) than they are leaders Manchester City (30).

* Arsenal are closer to Bournemouth in 12th (12 points) than they are Liverpool in second (15).

* Arsene Wenger has lost more Premier League games this season (10) than Pep Guardiola has since being appointed Manchester City manager in summer 2016 (7).

* Arsene Wenger has lost as many Premier League games this season (10) as Jose Mourinho has since being appointed Manchester United manager in summer 2016.

* Petr Cech kept his 199th Premier League clean sheet against Newcastle on December 16. He has yet to keep his 200th, conceding in each of the club’s subsequent 11 league games. It is Arsenal’s longest run without a clean sheet in the league since February 2002.

* Alexandre Lacazette is Arsenal’s top goalscorer (9). He has not played since February 10, has not started since January 30, and has not scored since January 20.

* Alexis Sanchez is Arsenal’s second top goalscorer (8). He left the club in January.

* Olivier Giroud is Arsenal’s third top goalscorer (7). He left the club in January.

* Of the current Arsenal squad, Aaron Ramsey is their highest scorer (53 goals). Mesut Ozil (37) is second. Santi Cazorla (29) is third.

* Arsenal’s defeat to Nottingham Forest in January was Arsene Wenger’s first FA Cup third-round defeat. It was also only his second FA Cup exit to lower-league opposition in 39 games.


Arsenal goals conceded per game in Premier League
1.41 – 2017/18 (with nine games left)
1.29 – 2011-12
1.17 – 1994-95
1.16 – 2016-17
1.13 – 1999-00
1.13 – 2010-11
1.11 – 2002-03


Number of Premier League games Arsenal have been behind in
20 – 2011/12
20 – 2006/07
20 – 1994/95
20 – 1992/93
19 – 1999/00
17 – 1995/96
16 – 2017/18 (with nine games left)
16 – 2005/06
15 – 2012/13
14 – nine seasons


Number of Arsenal Premier League defeats
17 – 1994/95
16 – 1992/93
11 – 2005/06
10 – 2017/18 (with nine games left)
10 – 2011/12
9 – four seasons




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Arsenal's PL away record, past 14 months: P27 W7 D5 L15


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Them non negotiatable auto renewal deals there

These are the only deals we excel at closing asap

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