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Cyber attack on parliament

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and these lot want ISPs to commit to storing everyone's data so they can access it at anytime :/ 

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Or this could be used to strengthen their argument that they need said data stored as we are fighting cyber crime more frequently...growing threat blah blah blah

Pity they are not monitoring terrestrial tv as they would have gripsed that breh from the jihaddi show before he ran riot on ends

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On 24/06/2017 at 11:23 PM, Simply D said:

You think they have plans/notes on brexit??

They doin that shit on the fly bro, taking huddle meetings in the toilets every 30mins to decide what to say next


This 100% true, had confirmations they have no plan and one angle is to push the no deals angle all they way then cave at that last min like they didn't have a choice

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