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shame i had to find out about mensa through that hype video conveniently dropping 2 days before some new tracks

ratings to him

based on his current shit atleast n a couple interviews i watched ketty

articulate interesting geeza

parring ak n still keepin his professionalism n all


defo pressed that everyday struggle tart too

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13 minutes ago, Greens said:

Vic Mensa don't know what he wants to be, literally switching his style up completely with each release

I hear that but do you wanna be the guy who knows why he wants to be

I ain't into that house vibe that he was on that apparently happened 4 yrs back when he was clearly tooting crystal or smashing some phet hard judging by that video

But ratings that he can drop that n make p all over with it n then come do some backpack stuff n then some kid cudi type shit n now some relevant wave n even an afrobeat thing 

he'd probably agree he don't know what he wants to be

motherfuckers talented n capable n still younger than me somehow


He's like the yank akala if akala was half as intelligent or level headed as he pretends to try to want to be


d*ck riding over

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I'm all for an artist's growth and trying to find a lane but this guy will keep switching styles and throwing shit at the wall until he finds something that sticks.

He went from the house vibe you mention on this:


To this in less than the space of a year:


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i'm with you


i dont see a problem with it

but i aint sean carter, aint my money he's flopping on

i'm happy he's been given that space to explore

shit this is comin from me

i went from selling consumer electronics in england to subletting airbnbs in bkk to moving meth n then opening a webcam agency in tokyo in 2 years

you can't put a genius in a box brah

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