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Jadon Sancho

O Fenomeno

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English Neymar (This kid is too good so talented never seen an English footballer like this before and hopefully mentally as well)



2016: I said on here he is better than Sterling.

Early Summer 17: Beasts his age group Euros.

Mid Summer: Pep tries to dead his career by leaving him out of US Pre Season tour.

So he refuses to sign a new contract and stays away from training.

Transfer Deadline Day: He joins Dortmund for €7M-€8M.(replaces Dembele).



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Bro, Bosz made Traore look like a future star. All that time I was rating the player when it was really the manager.

Never seen Sancho play, but he's got the perfect manager to showcase his ability.

Watched the vid. I see where you get the neymar comparison from.


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literally 2 day old topic on him already [merged]

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Big Sam is so booky( he fully knows what happened during Morrison's contract negotiations when he tried to force man to have the same agent as him).


But Bellamy tho>>


Sancho has been left out of the CL squad but I am thinking if FM mirrors RL then he is good because he is under age and you don't need to register him.

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5 minutes ago, Heero Yuy said:

He's right about Germany being the spot though, completely different culture.

C/S Bro 

I swear a lot of us on here have been screaming this from day one.(these English kids should go abroad instead of dropping into places like The Championship and I am talking about permanent deals not via the loan system.)

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Been smashing it at the WC too.

That u17 group is pretty good, will be interesting to see how they do with out him

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Nonsense he is way better than any of the trash you posted in the 2018 ones to watch.


This kid should be going to the World Cup he is better and much talented than all of England’s attacking players(which isn’t difficult)




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