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Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]


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Nah this needs to stop, the jokes over and he is not even remotely funny anymore. Can tell man is gonna struggle big time if he doesn't find another angle. Even that MoTheComedian guy's 15mins is starting to dry up.

Its jokes when they are natural with it, but when they start forcing it to create longivity it gets cheesy af.

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Seen all these grime mcs starting to talk up about kem & chris but not a word spoken about big shaq smh

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29 minutes ago, Grafter said:

No reason to hate.  Love to see real artists do well. 

Have to wonder what is it that the world is laughing at. An if that doesn't matter then boyy


Let the world laugh, they parody there stuff so why can't we?

The stage of caring about yank features or recognition is long gone, there even imploding over there. 

As for 'real UK artists' if there good they should have a fanbase after a certain time and eat, if not they should delete there soundcloud and do something else. GABOS.

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