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Can't trust the internet anymore.

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I mean I saw the Gayle saga unfold so I already knew that.

But anyway who remembers this chick? DJ, fame hungry, always trying to be around the music scene but seemed like a bit of an industry plant.


Click the above, read the article... take in that photo...

...this is her now.


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Absolute nonsense lol thought the thread was something about tories rushing through new internet laws 

18 minutes ago, Barney Stinson said:

Lol soz about the title lads, obvs been reading too much buzzfeed.

I knew her as a blonde, pale af DJ with couple curves tbf and quite a growing profile so for her to disappear into thin air for a few years and reappear rebranded as a "mixraced" singer is a bit... Odd.

lol let the lady live

its not the first time someone can rebrand themselves and come back and try something different 

in fact a member of this forum has done exactly that, even calls himself Mk2 and all sorts 

whatever makes you happy init

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25 minutes ago, cambridgebanteer said:

race is a spectrum, this woman is clearly trans racial or non racial binary. Also can you blame her if it's just a bit of rebranding - you have to be mixed race, born in the late 90s if you're going to make it as 'unsigned' r&b artist and live in stoke newington 

are you taking the piss or being dead srs?

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