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Funeral traditions


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We're all gettin older. More people dead

Lets share funeral traditions...

Theres a few different cultures and religions on here. What happens?

Does the body have to be in the house?

You sing at the graveside?

Cremation only?

Tombs in the motherland?

Recent family discussions have made our generation realise we don't even kno the traditional songs that the olders sing. How will we give them the correct send off

Bit of a morbid topic but worth while imo

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Muslims wash the body, put it in a clean blanket. Family wash the dead body, whilst covering the privates of the body. if it's a woman then her husband or other women wash I believe 

Coffin is carried by men, then we all pray for the deceased with the coffin close by. 

Some leave the body in the coffin and bury it on the ground, however tradition says you should take the body out the coffin with its blanket and put it in the grave. 

For muslims the funeral meant to be very simple with some people just having a small wooden stick with their name on it. Some other Muslims go all out and have gravestones.

Lol don't think I've ever loled in a funeral 


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men do the burying too

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