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Because thats exactly i said. Im not a religious person but as i said we need something for ourselves. A movement that caters to strictly blacks in mass. im not 100 percent against brai

the essex dons that do it  got some sort of P tbh  they do stunt hard like blacks but they (in gernal) wont have all these luxury items stowed away in their dusty council flat cupboards  dad

Bro you are thick as fuck. Its so mad.  Let me clarify for your boneheaded self, 1 time; I only jumped on the used shoes wave when I went 6th form and started chilling with posh kids who wer


EXCLUSIVE: Stockbrokers strike back! Bling-loving pastor cousin of Star Wars actor John Boyega in intergalactic row with posh neighbours over all-night parties at his £2.5m Surrey mansion


Salty headline

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This tkay is a certified juju guy

the trap mash was actually the juju bop

following his first visit to spac he actually confessed to going to a juju priest and was given an assignment to destroy the church (this was over a year ago)

he clearly is carrying out his assignment and due to these people taking him in - they exposed themselves to this guy and he is now taking them down from within 

Please watch the whole video below


btw I have no affiliation to this church - I don’t attend these Pentecostal churches  I grew up with the standard Catholic Church and that’s where I go to 

however I do know someone who is quite involved in spac and I asked her questions following these recent revelations and she pointed me to the above videos 


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