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Winter Transfer Window

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Can't be cup tied when you're out already  

As talented as Pogba for quarter of the price. Great piece of business from Chelsea Bit unfair on Everton though

At last this topic is ready.


Sandro Wagner>Bayern>€12M(left first team football to return to his old club to be back up and earn three times more plus he is going to be wearing a stupid number like 2)

Lassana Diarra>Free agent(PSG are looking to sign him)


Mario Gomez>Stuttgart>£3M (returns to his boyhood club).


Arana>Sevilla>€10M (what a full back)



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26 minutes ago, Thizz said:

Can we stop the faux outrage at prices though everyone knows the market is fucked. 



And even if the market wasn't fucked we're never gonna live in a world where every transfer will be a situation where Club A offers Club B £30m for their player who is worth £30m and Club B says "you've offered exactly what our player is worth, you got yourself a deal"

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45 minutes ago, Greens said:

75 for VVD is the same as 30+ for Rio back in the day


Rio was very [email protected] 

Was playing in CL also was good for his country the same can’t be said about VVD

Who like David Luiz should be a DM 

Way too good of a footballer to be playing CB.

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