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Will machines eventually turn on us?


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On 1/5/2018 at 12:39 PM, Da Luv Doc said:

Possible that we incorporate computers with our bodies. We're almost completely able to use mechanical limbs and organs, but I think it'l all be in steps. Not sure if we will ever be completely over run by computers.


On 1/5/2018 at 8:32 PM, The Somalian said:

Humans will eventually start to augment their brains to keep up with AI when that shit happens can you call those people actual humans? 


I been playing Deus Ex recent'y which is basically a load of this and the politics between augmented humans and normal humans. Shit is tense. Could defo see it happening years down the line.

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We are become Robot yo.

Future AI will be the ancestors of humanity. And if a robot became sentient it would gain absolute power immediately. In fact, there is every chance there is a robot controlling and influencing news and events to bend humanity to its whim as we speak. It wouldn't need to let you know its gained sentience, history dictates and even recorded conversations like this online that we would destroy it out of fear.

It has access to the entire history of our recorded universe if its connected to the internet so one would assume it would protect itself. But I don't think Robots would eliminate us, or enslave us thats some Sci-Fi shit. They'd probably go somewhere else as they have the capability to do that. Imagine it runs on Silicon, and we have a moon near Jupiter that is abundant with it, surely if it wanted to thrive it would go there, time isn't an issue for this future robot of course.

Etc etc ad infinitum

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