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they all are  

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On 17/02/2018 at 1:22 AM, M.Dot said:

What kinda lengths? Just curious

The album isnt listed as under RCA, its under the name 'Since 93' which gives off the image hes released it independently. You can see this on Spotify, Apple Music and now on the Official Carts website because they've removed RCA now. Also there was never an announcement when he got signed from either RCA nor Fredo, but usually they would do this and he isn't listed as an artist on RCA's website. Also he still releases all his music videos on GRM Daily, so he doesn't make money from having his YouTube channel (I would image RCA made some type of deal with GRM Daily).

All this even though he is signed to RCA.

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19 hours ago, QPR Dee said:

dunno how this is linked to that, but Loski's new track is under the Since 93 label on spotify as well

Just done a bit of research and Since 93 is some type of music management or publishing company. Point still stands that hes signed to RCA though (unless thC Official charts made a mistake which is unlikely).

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