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43 minutes ago, Bruno Di Gradi said:


Not just them. Every large corporation that benefits from dumb rappers bragging about owning their luxury items and then these companies not doing anything for poor people or black people. And wen poor people are selling drugs, robbing, and other crime to follow trends set by these artists and corporations. 

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4 hours ago, FA23 said:

Favourite bit was this, like say dizzee is not the most successful urban black artist this country has produced and the mercury prize didnt propell him on that path :lol:


What a load of absolute nonsense.

She is complaining that black artists don't get enough recognition from the mercury awards but then complains that black artists are nominated.

She's probably more middle class that these so called middle class whites she keeps referencing. Like she even knew about Dizzee when he won the award gtfo.

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that weirdo prob told that little boy to sit next to him as well


maybe have a 'dusty side of twitter' topic to keep all them dead posts in one place, since they're cropping up more and more in the vid/pic threads

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