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5 hours ago, The Infamous said:

Piss poor example

got tinie tempa tinchy stryder etc 


jorja and Amy Winehouse got more soul than Any black Singer out of the UK ever. Always the shotgun barreld nosed niggas complaining and segregating


blacks are so racist

You say so many dumb things. And Jorja Smith isn't even in the convo ffs. 

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'Becky' drops a fire in the booth and gets job interviews meanwhile 'Shanice' has to put on a 'white voice' during a telephone interview 

I've honestly never seen any more miserable person than this AG character Fucking miserable 

Where do you think pop music originated from?

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6 hours ago, Yeshua said:

England is worst than America, you have to have at least half white in you to have a proper buzz doing rnb, Mabel Raye Jorja Smith and they're even pushing this taya girl now, England doesn't accept Rnb and soul from a truly black woman a lot of the times, America is the same to some degree but still much much better, probably due to black peoples influence and the history of the country over there.


I said this before on here. The formula is Afro beats black guy and mixed race or white singer to get di views and streams 

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4 hours ago, Kuffir said:

She sold out KOKOs nicely (with red bull music) and is in with Sony on the low so we'll see how that pans out

Sex appeal recently has gone through the roof

Her music is meh. She did address gate keepers  and vultures recently in one if her tweets

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White privilege and vulching 

Man’s goin job centre, signing on the dole.
Recruitment company aven’t got man a role,
Sending bare email and getting no response,
CV probably only been looked at once

Trial shifts, mans been messed about bare,
it’s probably because av got propa skanky hair,
Can’t afford to flex on a highlight ting
Student loan bin an gone, look like a ming

Man got degree from university,
a 2:1 ting, am serious G
worked propa ard and achieved a goal
still getting pied from man like forward role

Got no job an a got no mandem
I’d go on a bike ride,
someone jacked me tandem.

My CV [ALLOW IT FAM] below its attached
Be feeling propa blessed when a reply is dispatched


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