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Domestic Violence

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I do miss the olden days when you could give the missus a right good kicking for not having your dinner on the table when you've just got in from work.

I wish I could have come across this advice before I was 18. Most people on here know the situation I was involved in but what they know little about is the months that led up to it. The gir

2 hours ago, SLEAZE BALL said:

Woman’s a d*ckhead escalating that kinda situation even more so with kids present feel no sympathy for her whatsoever

Looool in the next video he calls his daughter a c*nt for saying dada whilst he was playing.

Imagine thinking the woman is to blame and not this c*nt ur warped

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Imagine that

See this in the related links to that article


On 12/11/2018 at 4:30 PM, Natty said:

Looool in the next video he calls his daughter a c*nt for saying dada whilst he was playing.

Imagine thinking the woman is to blame and not this c*nt ur warped

This post didn’t age well at orrrr


Court documents revealed this was not the first time Munday and Campbell had a serious fight that ended up in court.


One incident saw Campbell hit with a 12-month good behaviour bond after she was convicted of common assault during a blazing argument about money.

Shocking photos obtained by Daily Mail Australia showed the injuries Munday suffered during the attack on September 8, 2017.



Warped huh


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14 hours ago, dayomesaydayo said:

Battered wife’s agony as her wealthy businessman husband - who beat her to a pulp, rubbed used nappy in her face and threatened her with a deep fat fryer - AVOIDS jail










He said Cowell's pre-sentence report had indicated it was 'not part of an ongoing pattern of behaviour of this nature' and that he did not hold seriously negative views of women in general.

He added: 'I have to achieve a balance of imposing the appropriate penalty, taking into account the pain and suffering of your victim, the statements and the facts of this case, against the good points which undoubtedly assist in your favour.' 


These judges need to be investigated or held to task when they give out these lenient sentences to paedophiles or domestic abusers.

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