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Week 31 - 17/18 Premier League / FA Cup Round of 8

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24 minutes ago, youcleanwepaint said:

I’m questioning why the players doubled up on one player, and defender or winger didn’t even clock the potential overlap

1 hour ago, Heero Yuy said:




Think the move happened two fast for the defenders to adjust. If he went to go with the winger the guy who buss the turn would have space to run into and whip a ball in. His positioning was wrong though....should of been more inside which would nullify both potential moves, instead both players committed to the challenge and got left (0:03 where he made the wrong decision). the space after that between the full back and CBs was a write off. If he didnt commit he would still be where the gap is. 0:13 the other defender didnt close the ball down fst enough and you can see the other guys in the box are not tracking the runners properly...4 defenders in the box with 3 attackers yet only 1 of them is fully covered? 


after the keeper made the save there is noway they should of been able to get that rebound, again poor defending/marking. The turn was clean but you cant let goals like that be scored. especially at a professional level. Luton got a decent record (2nd in the league), they need to sort it

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On 20/03/2018 at 1:28 AM, Toney Barton said:

Good analysis, I think the key to Man City winning or losing it is at CB.

Kompany and Otamendi win the most duels but Laporte and Stones have higher pass completion rate.

Stones to me is too error prone so I don't think Pep will consider him, especially for a game against Barca.

Pep seems to like Otamendi and Kompany right now but he might go for 1 of each style so include Laporte and 1 other.

It'll be intriguing to see what he does in that regards.

Obviously would love to see Man City v Barca, even in the semi, final would be amazing.

But I would agree that Barca look like the favs, then Real imo.

The game recently was quite even until the goal but Barca know how to punish mistakes ruthlessly.

I expect Man City to get past Liverpool, I think the win at Anfield will be their undoing as Pep now has intelligence, but Silva wasn't playing and he is their most important player imo so things will be different anyway.

You doing coaching courses?

City's CB combination is pivotal to the way they play, particularly in their build up. Pep has proven to be creative, flexible and bold when incorporating tactics for big games - it wouldn't surprise me if he used something different or exceptional like when he played 3 at the back and man marking against Messi, Suarez & Neymar at the Camp Nou. Winning duels vs quality of distribution is one aspect of Pep's selection policy in defence, but it's worth factoring in the style of Premier League teams and the typical pattern of the games Man City have in comparison to that of some of the best teams in Europe and how knockout football can influence those dynamics. The power of the away goal and the narrative/score line going into the 2nd leg plays its part too. For example, look at how Zidane adjusted his starting line up for 2nd leg v PSG by benching Modric and Kroos opting for a distinctly more energetic, mobile and dynamic midfield 4 knowing Madrid had the advantage from the 1st leg and would naturally get the space and opportunities to counter attack.

Madrid are under a lot of pressure to win the CL, and although that's not unusual for them, this season has been extremely disappointing in domestic competitions. In some senses they are a wounded animal, however, that doesn't change the fact they've been exposed and damaged by teams on too many occasions this season. Zidane's persistence with Benzema and ongoing rotation with certain key players is arguably going to decide his fate.

Liverpool are equipped to beat City over 2 legs, so I think the fine margins and opening goals will determine a lot. Liverpool struggle to break down an organised defensive unit happy to sit deep - Man City will be the opppsite of that and therefore, Liverpool will always be capable of hurting them. I can see Pep playing for control at anfield and then assessing things towards the end knowing his team are always likely to score. He'll be conscious of getting blown away in a short period like before.


I coach. Not currently doing any coaching courses though.

Do you have any coaching experience?

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On 21/03/2018 at 6:59 PM, Sho'Case said:

I coach. Not currently doing any coaching courses though.

Do you have any coaching experience?

Sorry for the delayed response bro, kept meaning to reply.

No experience yet, I did start my level 1 years bk but need to resume it.

You coaching kids or adults?

How is it going aswell?


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