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Sugar tax: anti-obesity measure takes effect today.


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3 hours ago, Grafter said:

Its heart breaking. This is my one fizzy drink after they effed with the 7 up recipe time ago

Which shop?

I did some research and found they have a factory in the UK so i think thats the issue

The ting uk seems to be separate from ting Jamaica, maybe we can get the imported stuff

Holla if this is possible. I'll pay anything.

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Government proposes banning energy drinks to children and teenagers.




Shops will be banned from selling Red Bull and other drinks “packed to the brim with caffeine” to teenagers, under plans announced by Theresa May.

The scheme will see retailers blocked from selling energy drinks to under 16s and possibly even under 18s.

Insiders told The Independent the intention is to use the same sanctions as selling cigarettes to children – meaning shops could be slapped with fines of £2,500.
Ms May said she was acting as evidence shows excessive consumption of the drinks by children is linked to serious health problems. Some deaths are even connected to them.

The move was welcomed by campaigners including Jamie Oliver, but there will be a backlash from manufacturers and even some ministers who see it as “nanny-statism”.

Speaking during her trip to Africa, the prime minister said: “With thousands of young people regularly consuming energy drinks, often because they are sold at cheaper prices than soft drinks, we will consult on banning the sale of energy drinks to children.  

“It is vital that we do all we can to make sure children have the best start in life.”

She launched a consultation on exactly how the ban should work, though the intention is it will apply to drinks with more than 150mg of caffeine per litre. 

Confirming the measure will now be pushed through, one government insider said: “It is a question of how, not whether we do it.” 

One 250ml can of Red Bull contains around 80mg of caffeine – the equivalent of nearly three cans of cola.

Some energy drinks also contain exceptionally high levels of sugar, with on average 60 per cent more calories and 65 per cent more sugar than other regular soft drinks. 

With more than two-thirds of 10 to 17-year-olds and a quarter of six to nine-year-olds consuming energy drinks, they are likely contributing to both obesity and tooth decay.

Officials argue that excessive consumption has already been linked to health issues in children, from headaches and sleep problems to stomach aches and hyperactivity.



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7 minutes ago, TheOneGameBaller said:

I can’t believe people actually drink that crap. One woman I used to work with would drink one first thing in the morning every day. You’re asking for an early grave doing that.

Yh had a colleague like this. Never drank water, all of us get on to him soon as we smell it

But he always acted belligerent

Then one day out of nowhere he was drinkin fizzy water instead, try say he jus didny feel like energy drinks anymore

Then only a couple weeks ago he been told he got dry kidneys an low white blood cell count...

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On 4/6/2018 at 9:45 AM, Grafter said:

I dont like being dictated to

I don't like how we are all being forced to live someone elses ideal of healthy. Some shops only sell the sugar free version of a drink. Its not fair

Artificial sweeteners are not the answer, at least one of them is a carcinogen and they make everything taste offkey like soap

Its not just things like this. Why when u go for lunch, they wanna give you small amount or even 0 carbs but think its good enough to give leaves and protein. Its not ok, not everyone can function like this an the cost doesn't seem to be less, it seems to be more

We are all different, its not one size fits all, an we gna see the detriment of sweeteners soon enough

I agree. Sweetners are being shown to be more detrimental than refined sugar in many independent tests. I think in one they showed they increase weight. Somthing that unnatural can’t be good for you. 


I could go go for some sugar cane right now with all this sugar talk.

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27 minutes ago, Thizz said:

Ah mate I do miss a brandy and red bull though. 



I does this

Its calm, not every day

The poo the next day tho?


In sayin this, my former chroyak lot are now on white liquor only

Why are man pouring wray like its covo? Why?

Everyone gettin fancy with gin cocktails this summer too


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3 hours ago, Heero Yuy said:

it's poison. 

I used to work with a guy who fucked with a can of red bull every day when he got in, made me feel sick.

There's a don here who has the big one every morning. The fucking big one...

He said doesn't feel the effects anymore ?

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