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poor baby :( im just lost for words.

Imagine being so troubled at such a young age you kill yourself.

She was NINE. Thats an age your supposed to be happy with no worries.


You think you're white because you ride with that white boy': Bullied black Alabama girl, 9, commits suicide after classmates taunted her for having a white friend and told her to 'kill yourself"







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@CurryMan yeah lawyer told me wait for them to present something then take it from there. @Badman Seb was my third and both of the other births were scary as hell. I can’t relax until I hear them cry

TL:DR - No one knows. He was fine all the way through pregnancy and his heart trace was perfect throughout the delivery. He was still kicking as he was coming out. When he arrived he had no pulse

 I think these days with social media its hard to escape school and the bullys which now follow u on to social media this girl was moved schools and they still followed her 

if adults cant deal with bullies imagine kids she could have been home schooled but there definatly needs to be more action with the bitches that taunted her and ban all under 18 to use the internet


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A SERVING police officer faces losing his job after he was convicted of masturbating in a First Class train carriage.

  PC Terry Malka, 33, tried to hide his penis with a headrest cover when he was spotted pleasuring himself by station staff.

When a train guard asked the officer for his ticket after spotting him masturbating again, he produced his Met police warrant card.



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A Statue of Gandhi Has Been Removed From the University of Ghana Following Student Protests



basically, a few years back some South African professors published a book that revealed Gandhi had racist opinions of black people


so the Ghanaians don't want a statue of him hanging about

good on them

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On 12/15/2018 at 1:48 PM, Grafter said:



No fucking joke, this yout was in my year at secondary school!!!!! I just did a double take like what the fuck.




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You know what i actually feel sorry for this yout.

Imagine being accused of stealing something by a grown ass man who whilst armed with a knuckle duster threatened you.

Sometimes these judges and jurors need to use a bit of common sense.

Would have got a straight not guilty from me still

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Heartbroken father wakes to find baby son dead in his arms just two hours after they fell asleep together on the sofa


This is fucking Heartbreaking man :(

Imagine going to sleep with your seed in your arms and when you wake the baby doesnt wake.

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11 minutes ago, Heero Yuy said:

that's a really hard story to read.

I was reading that you're not supposed to fall asleep with babies like that as it increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

so sad :(


The thing is it’s the western world that focuses on the downside of cohabitatingnsleep with newborns/kids

I am strongly for it .sadly even though there are a few isolated cases you can’t dismiss the benefits

It’s only American and European culture that steers away from it. 

The benefits of cohabitanting with your infant child will always surpass the risks . Always. 

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4 minutes ago, dub said:

HMV in administration again

Was about to make a topic on this. What would retail look like in the next 5 years

So many conpanies went into admin this year. HMV was expected though. They could have flipped the hustle. 

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