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Teacher charged after 'feeding puppy to snapping turtle' in front of students

Robert Crosland, who kept exotic animals in a tank in his biology class, could be jailed after the "violent" demonstration.

14:41, UK, Sunday 03 June 2018

Robert Crosland is accused of feeding the dog to a turtle in front of his students. Pic: Preston Junior School Image:Robert Crosland could face up to six months in jail. Pic: Preston Junior School

A science teacher accused of feeding a sick puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students has been charged with misdemeanour animal cruelty.

Robert Crosland, who worked at Preston Junior School in Idaho, faces up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine if he is convicted.

Several parents of children at the school complained after Crosland, who was charged on Friday, allegedly fed the dog to the turtle on 7 March.

The snapping turtle was euthanised as a non-native species after it was seized by state officials several weeks later.

Several current and former students have cited Crosland as being a well-liked teacher who kept exotic animals such as snakes and other animals in tanks in his classroom, the New York Post reports.

It adds that three former students, who asked not to be named, said they remembered Crosland feeding guinea pigs to snapping turtles during class.

Snapping turtles have powerful beak-like jaws Image:Snapping turtles have powerful beak-like jaws

He is said to have fed a sick puppy to one of the turtles during an after-school feeding session, the Idaho Statesman reported.

Local animal activist Jill Parrish filed a police report after hearing about the allegations, the Utah-based TV station KSTU reports.

She told the network: "Allowing children to watch an innocent baby puppy scream because it is being fed to an animal - that is violence.

"That is not okay."

The Idaho attorney general's office handled the investigation after Franklin County prosecutor Vic Pearson cited a conflict of interest.

The animal rights activist group PETA has claimed that Crosland is "known for feeding guinea pigs to reptiles during lessons".

Snapping turtles are considered an invasive species in Idaho Image:Snapping turtles are considered an invasive species in Idaho

They added that he is a "bully who should not be allowed near impressionable young people".

Stephanie Bell, PETA's senior director of cruelty casework, said: "Any youngster who witnessed cruelty in the classroom is now in desperate need of lessons about having empathy for other living beings."

The story caused widespread outrage with an online petition set up calling for Crosland to be fired. It has collected more than 189,000 signatures.

Former students, community members and others have shown support for Crosland in an online petition that has topped 3,700 signatures.

Snapping turtles are native to parts of Canada and the US, but are considered an invasive species in Idaho.


Some people are fucking ill man.

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@CurryMan yeah lawyer told me wait for them to present something then take it from there. @Badman Seb was my third and both of the other births were scary as hell. I can’t relax until I hear them cry

TL:DR - No one knows. He was fine all the way through pregnancy and his heart trace was perfect throughout the delivery. He was still kicking as he was coming out. When he arrived he had no pulse

He went waaaaaaaaay OTT and shouldnt have nor needed to put hands on her but nobody else got wheeled... she didn't even deserve a wheel... didn't have to call man a prick.

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2 hours ago, Haze-e said:

He went waaaaaaaaay OTT and shouldnt have nor needed to put hands on her but nobody else got wheeled... she didn't even deserve a wheel... didn't have to call man a prick.

This is grime

You can't go on a set and call a DJ a prick co you didn't get a wheel

She wasn't even invited to the set FFS.

Self entitled little bitch lucky don never dragged her out of the station kicking and screaming and threw her out on the street tbh

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2 hours ago, Trap God said:

This is grime

You can't go on a set and call a DJ a prick co you didn't get a wheel

She wasn't even invited to the set FFS.

Self entitled little bitch lucky don never dragged her out of the station kicking and screaming and threw her out on the street tbh


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WATCH: Microsoft's underwater data centre
Image captionWATCH: Microsoft's underwater data centre

Microsoft has sunk a data centre in the sea off Orkney to investigate whether it can boost energy efficiency.

The data centre, a white cylinder containing computers, could sit on the sea floor for up to five years.

An undersea cable brings the data centre power and takes its data to the shore and the wider internet - but if the computers onboard break, they cannot be repaired.

Orkney was chosen because it is a major centre for renewable energy research.

Microsoft data centre

The theory is that the cost of cooling the computers will be cut by placing them underwater.

"We think we actually get much better cooling underwater than on land," says Ben Cutler, who is in charge of what Microsoft has dubbed Project Natick.

"Additionally because there are no people, we can take all the oxygen and most of the water vapour out of the atmosphere which reduces corrosion, which is a significant problem in data centres."

Image copyrightAFPMicrosoft data centre
Image captionThe computer racks going into the capsule

It will not be possible to repair the computers if they fail, but the hope is that there will be a lower failure rate than on land.

This is a tiny data centre compared with the giant sheds that now store so much of the world's information, just 12 racks of servers but with enough room to store five million movies.

Microsoft's first experimental underwater data centre, sunk for five months in 2015, was dubbed Leona Philpot after a character in an XBox game.

If Project Natick proves a success, Microsoft envisages sinking groups of five of these cylinders and being able to deploy a data centre offshore in 90 days, whereas it could take years on land.

The operation to sink the Orkney data centre has been an expensive multinational affair.

The cylinder was built in France by a shipbuilding company, Naval, loaded with its servers and then sailed from Brittany to Stromness in Orkney. There, another partner, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), provided help including the undersea cable linking the centre to the shore.

The presence of EMEC, with its expertise in renewable energy and its knowledge of the seas around Orkney, was one factor behind Microsoft's decision to choose this location.

"We've got so much renewable energy here," says EMEC managing director Neil Kermode.

"We've produced more than we need since 2012."

Microsoft data centre

The Orkney Islands were early adopters of wind energy. And EMEC has been experimenting with tidal and wave energy for 14 years, with one of its test sites on the beach where the Project Natick cable comes ashore.

There has been growing concern that the rapid expansion of the data centre industry could mean an explosion in energy use.

But Emma Fryer, who represents the sector at Tech UK, says that fear has been exaggerated.

"What's happened is we've had the benefit of Moore's Law," she says.

The continued advances in processing power have made doom-laden predictions look foolish, Ms Fryer says.

"We've been able to deal with explosions of data with only a small increase in the energy used."

Nevertheless, she accepts there is a challenge as the industry continues to expand and she welcomes experiments such as Microsoft's.

"It's really exciting that they are thinking this radically," she says.

Ms Fryer also thinks situating data centres near to or under the sea is a good idea.

She says: "50% of the world's population live near the coast."

Image captionThe data centre's new home

Another expert is not so sure.

Prof Ian Bitterlin, a data centre consultant for nearly 30 years, is sceptical about the environmental impact of going underwater.

"You just end up with a warmer sea and bigger fish," he says.

And 90% of Europe's data centres are in big cities such as London and Madrid because that is where they are needed.

Microsoft's Ben Cutler insists the warming effect will be minimal - "the water just metres downstream would get a few thousandths of a degree warmer at most" - and the overall environmental impact of the Orkney data centre will be positive.

As we bobbed about on a boat just above the site where the data centre was to be sunk the following day, I put it to him that many people might think the whole venture was a bit crazy.

"This is a crazy experiment that I hope will turn into reality" he said. "But this is a research project right now - and one reason we do different types of research into data centres is to learn what makes sense before we decide to take it to a larger scale."

Now, the Project Natick team will monitor the data centre for the next five years. It could turn out to be a signpost to the future - or maybe just a tourist attraction for passing fish.


That is some interesting shit.

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Ms Gray has won over 1 million USD thanks to the Super Lotto lottery. A picture of her wearing a winking face mask at a ceremony by Supreme Ventures to present her with her winnings has now gone viral with over 3,000 'likes' on Twitter.

"I am elated, because I was drowning in debt. I started buying Super Lotto in January... Now I've won, I want to clear my debt, invest, and I want to do some travelling. I would like to construct a community centre for the youths in my community, so they can engage in something productive; somewhere where they can do information technology," said Ms Gray to The Gleaner

According to the Jamaica Star, Simone Clarke-Cooper, a representative of the company, noted that since Super Lotto started, winners have been wearing disguises to protect themselves.


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Canadian clarinet player sues ex for deleting his scholarship offer
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Image copyrightREUTERSA clarinet player at the Conservatory of Music in central Brussels

A young Canadian clarinettist has been awarded C$350,000 (£200,000) in damages after his girlfriend sabotaged his music career by impersonating him.

In 2014, Eric Abramovitz's then-girlfriend sent emails in his name to turn down a valuable scholarship.

She did so apparently to keep him from leaving her. Mr Abramovitz later realised the deception and sued her.

A judge ruled that Jennifer Lee's actions were a "despicable interference in Mr Abramovitz's career".

The full scholarship offer, from Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, was worth about $50,000 (£38,000) a year.

Mr Abramovitz - who had studied the clarinet since he was seven years old and won many prestigious awards - had been desperate to win a place on the course as it was led by one of the world's greatest clarinet masters, Yehuda Gilad.

After flying to Los Angeles for a live audition in front of Mr Gilad in 2014, Mr Abramovitz, then 20, was sent an email to tell him he had been successful - but he never received it.

It was intercepted by Ms Lee, who was living with him in Montreal, where they were both music students.

How did she do it?

Ms Lee had access to his laptop and he had left his email account unlocked because he trusted her.

She found the email and replied in Mr Abramovitz's name, saying simply that he could not accept as he "would be elsewhere". She deleted the evidence.

She then created an email account in Mr Gilad's name, [email protected], to falsely tell Mr Abramovitz he had not been successful.

She invented an alternative offer - for the University of Southern California, where Mr Gilad also taught - but with a fraction of the funding that he had hoped for.

Mr Abramovitz said Ms Lee knew he would have to refuse the offer as it would have been too costly.

"I was numb when I read the email. I had to read it a few more times," 

"When I found out I didn't get it, it was really hard to deal with. I went through some really dark, sad, angry days."

He stayed in Montreal to finish his music degree, but the relationship soon fell apart.

How he found out

He only started to become suspicious when he met Mr Gilad, some years later, at another audition at the University of Southern California, according to the Montreal Gazette.

Mr Gilad asked why he was coming back to him if he had already rejected his offer of one-on-one tuition.

The young clarinettist did not know what to make of it at first, but when one of Mr Gilad's students asked him why he once turned down a full scholarship, he decided to trawl back through his old emails.

Mr Abramovitz found the one he sent, replying to the rejection. He sent it to Mr Gilad, who told him he did not recognise the words or the email address; it was not from him.

Eventually, Mr Abramovitz started to wonder if his ex-girlfriend was behind the emails. He said he knew she must have been when he found he could access the fake Gmail account by using one of her favourite passwords.

'An unthinkable, immoral act'

His damages case - filed in Ms Lee's home province of Ontario - cited loss of reputation, loss of educational opportunity and a delay in entering his chosen profession.

Quoted in court documents, Mr Gilad said: "To sum up, I am very frustrated that a highly talented musician like Eric was the victim of such an unthinkable, immoral act that delayed his progress and advancement as an up-and-coming young musician and delayed his embarking on a most promising career."

The Ontario judge awarded the $300,000 Mr Abramovitz requested, plus an additional $50,000 to express the "court's revulsion at what Ms Lee has done" and for the "personal loss suffered by Mr Abramovitz by having a closely held personal dream snatched from him by a person he trusted".

Ms Lee did not attend court or offer any defence, and she has not responded to media requests for comment.

Mr Abramovitz has recently accepted an offer to join the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.


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Bristol students raise £1,500 to send cleaner on holiday to Jamaica

Herman Gordon was delighted to be given £1,500 by students.

Herman Gordon was delighted to be given £1,500 by students.Photo: Bristruths

A Bristol University cleaner has been given £1,500 after students raised the money to send him on a holiday to Jamaica.

More than 200 people donated on the JustGiving page to help Herman Gordon, a man who they call "the epitome of happiness."

Students have been a fan of of Herman for a long time and love his positive attitude.


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A penis so big it can be seen from space has popped up on Google Maps

Jasper HamillFriday 29 Jun 2018 10:11 am

If an alien were to peer at our planet from space, they would see some of humanity’s most wonderous creations.

But now they would also see a gigantic penis carved into a dried lake bed in the south west of Australia.

An unknown artist has built a willy so huge that it’s turned up on Google Maps, where it has been labelled ‘Aussie Weiner’.

The huge manhood must have taken a fair amount of time and effort to build (Photo: Google)
This is the dried up lake when the willy was erected (Photo: Google)

News of the massive male member was first published on a Facebook group called Take The Piss Geelong, which wrote: ‘If the legend who did this can inbox us with any form of proof, that’d be awesome.


‘We have a beer with your name on it.’

The page also asked for any other local residents experiences of turning on Google Maps or Earth, prompting one chap to post the following picture of this encounter with the Street View car:


Since the mighty erection was spotted on Google Maps, people have also been leaving reviews about it.

‘Left me very satisfied,’ wrote one person.

‘Pretty good size (of lake),’ another added.

Modern technology has allowed us to comprehend the sheer delight our species appears to take in carving gigantic dongs into the landscape.

In 2011, Google Earth captured a a penis that had been drawn on the lawn of a school in New Zealand with weed killer.

It also allowed us to gawp at a church resembling a willy and exposed a family whose teenage son’s massive penis drawing was on their roof for a year before it was spotted in satellite imagery.


Aussie Weiner ykno

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Gloucester cheese-rolling veteran breaks all-time record
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The race in which Chris Anderson bagged his 22nd double Gloucester
Image captionThe race in which Chris Anderson bagged his 22nd double Gloucester

A champion cheese-roller has broken the all-time record for the most cheeses won in Gloucestershire's death-defying races.

Chris Anderson has now taken home a total of 22 double Gloucester cheeses in 14 years, after chasing the hefty 8lb (3.6kg) cheeses down Cooper's Hill.

The 30-year-old broke the record held by Stephen Gyde after winning the first of this year's men's downhill races.

Mr Anderson said: "I've got nothing to prove now, I'm happy."

Image copyrightPAChris Anderson
Image captionChris Anderson has suffered a broken ankle, "quite bad concussion" and bruised kidneys over the 14 years he has competed
Image copyrightPACooper's Hill, Gloucestershire
Image captionHeavy rain over the past few days made the steep hill very wet and muddy both for competitors and the thousands of spectators who had turned out to watch

Thousands of spectators turned out to watch thrill-seekers hurl themselves down the 1:2 gradient, chasing wheels of double Gloucester cheese.

In the first men's downhill race, Mr Anderson left other daredevils trailing in his wake as he sprinted, tripped and tumbled down the rough, uneven hillside chasing the 70mph cheese.

"There was a bit more pressure this year as there was a few more locals running," he said, after the race.

"And the kid next to me was pulling my shirt all the way down.

"But I'm happy, I've got nothing to prove now."

Image copyrightPANathan Anstey, 30, from Melbourne, Australia
Image captionNathan Anstey, from Australia, said the crowd "absolutely loved" his risqué "budgie smuggler" swimming trucks

A soldier with 1 Rifles, Mr Anderson skipped the second men's race but won again in the third race tearing his left calf as he charged downhill.

And his reward - as with all winners - is to take the cheeses home with him despite only liking cheddar.

Among the competitors this year was Australian Nathan Anstey, 30, from Melbourne, who took part wearing just a pair of "budgie smuggler" swimming trunks.

Mr Anstey, who is known as Mangoes, said it was "just unbelievable".

"Last year was the first time I did it and I knew I had to come back. It's a no-brainer," he said.

"It's the most exhilarating thing you can do."

Presentational grey line

You may also Brie interested in:

Image copyrightPA
Image captionAn unofficial event has been staged by rebel cheese rollers after health and safety fears caused the official competition to be cancelled in 2010

Looks fucked

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