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Mohammed Salah - The Egyptian King


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28 minutes ago, Thizz said:

Seeing some horrible shouts about Salah for Ballon D'or

cl win + good world cup

yh why not... if others fail to show up


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On the numbers game he's top, no debate really.

I've always felt his direct style would work here tbh, didn't expect 40 tho, was it Rodgers who tried to get him at Pool?

Feel like he woulda kept Rodgers in the job but the idiot went Chelsea instead, was a bit pissed when it happened cos I knew how Chelsea would do him.

Thank God it didn't break him though and he got another chance at the move.

He's not the nicest on the eye like a Suarez imo not that type of genius but he is making one on ones look easy and that is a talent, especially when you consider he was missing alot of them at the start of the season.

Seems to have learnt from his mistakes and got better as the season has progressed, taking Prem for La Liga right now.

Yeah he has to be thereabouts for Ballon Dor, more considerations to that than just the POTY tbh

He looks set to get European Golden Shoe.

If he gets Golden ball or boot at WC and Liverpool win CL he'll probably win it.

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23 hours ago, Drift said:

Why are Liverpool hotting man up? 

Cause some nonce who hounds and hassles players for autographs to sell online, and uses kids to go up to cars on busy roads, has put the video online cause he didn't get an autograph.

Club are just cooperating with the police cause of the faux outrage of Mo holding a phone in his hand while stationary in traffic.

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