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Can imagine crepes and cones being a feature on a talking heads show we love the 2010s and a montage of various grandad grime originals mcs laughing over footage of kids queuing outside, cut to footage of the only 2 franchise extensions in Southampton and Hemel Hempstead in 2020 having the shutters drawn down for good 

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Goremay ya kna

2 years to set up a dessert spot

2 hours ago, Drift said:

Thought he was taking the piss/using di lingeaux


Same. That's how you know lingeux mashed up this place loool. Didn't even think anything of it.


That coulda been a great sun headline though for the amounts of stabbings last month. 

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stumbled across this place yesterday, was wondering why there was folk queuing up at a random place late evening, n there was sooo many shegged parked cars narrowing up the road.

it come like outside bagelking 2/3am

Keep up the good work lads!

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