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Arsenal 2018/19


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Emery is looking to instil an intensity into the team that has perhaps been lacking in recent seasons, with the players being drilled to press far higher up the pitch than in previous years.

For Bellerin it is something very new, but the Spaniard insists he is enjoying learning something different.

The right-back said: “It’s been very different for everyone [this summer].

“Mr Wenger had been at the club for 22 year so obviously a lot of things have changed. Training is way different, we are working on different things that we didn’t use to with the boss.

“The coaches have different philosophies, the are completely different. Arsene Wenger was a manager that left a lot of inspiration with the players, he gave you a lot of freedom and now Unai Emery is a bit more tactical, more organised on the pitch.

“It’s different philosophies that have worked for them both of them and for us as players it’s just about replicating what they want on the pitch.”

Bellerin added: “We are getting used to it, we are working really hard to understand the way they want to train and the way they want is to play.

“I think everyone is doing really well and everyone is excited. We are all working hard because everyone wants a spot in the starting XI.”



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