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Szczesny & Fabianski Lump Scorn On Former Irish 'Keeper Gerry Peyton


Detailing some of his first-hand experiences with the goalkeeping coach, Szczesny drew on a curious example of Peyton's approach.


Before a Chelsea game, I hear this, 'Watch out, Hazard, when shooting penalties tries to shoot to the corner opposite to the one you dive.

That's funny, but then you analyse it and say, 'Holy shit, he was for real.'


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Ramsey the goal scoring midfielder thats scored 50 career goals  Considering the amount of time he spends making off the ball runs into the box. His output is very average. You need him at La


? ....Drills? Players must be baffed.

23 minutes ago, Heero Yuy said:

Rob holding ACL done, out for the season ffs.

feel it for the lad, was really starting to come on.

Was hoping with is recent form he could get an England call up.

Time for Dinos to step up. I'll be surprised if Kos is his old self.

Badly need a defender now and a winger in jan

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