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So you are in your whip driving and out of the blue you see 1 guy you was kool with @ college flagging you down at the bus stop you are approaching.

You pull up and he jumps in, asks you to take him up the road.

It's on your way so it's a minor.

You set off again, he lifts the right side of his top slightly and you see a gun in his waist.

Moments later you notice a few cars infront a Police car.

The Police turn into a petrol station and you carry on straight but you realise the Police have done it to come up behind you, they are following you now.

They pull you over.

Before you can even blink you see your boy put the gun under the seat.

An officer comes over and tells you to take the keys out the ignition and have a quick word with him.

You come out and the other officer goes to the passenger window to talk to your boy.

They are asking for id etc...

They check both your names and realise your boy has a few things on his record, drugs mainly.

They inform you they are going to search your car.

They find the gun and arrest both of you.


What do you do?

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1 hour ago, Fresh said:

First of all stop calling him my boy he’s not my boy college was over a decade ago. 

Find out the reason for the stop and from there determine which melody to sing.


:rofl: straight facts


my boy


I recommend the Tracy chapman melody 

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1 hour ago, Heero Yuy said:

Lol @ me riding for somone i haven’t really seen in 10+ years.

forget singing, would be screaming from the top of my lungs like goku when he went ssj3.

no ones riding anything

apart from atleast 2 of his blood family riding a massive blade if he dont eat that charge within 1 week tops



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if im the kind of guy to be rolling about with a thingy n hitchhiking simultaneously and then having the cheek to do that to you in your car after youve done me a favour rather than being sensible and going for a swift jog when the lights go blue

are u not gonna have more problems when i see you again

because i must be a massive massive c*nt

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Lol @ giving dodgy people a lift, or anyone who you don't consider a close good friend. I don't acknowledge anyone like that, just if I'm walking down the street I'll say hello, but never give a lift, like what ice said, straight up excuse. 

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